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Cold Chisel

The Live Tapes Vol 5: Live At The Bondi Lifesaver Feb 29, 1980 (3LP)

The legendary Cold Chisel have unearthed a fierce live recording from deep in their archives. The Live Tapes Vol 5: Live at the Bondi Lifesaver February 29, 1980 is here presented over 3 x luscious 180 gram black vinyl LP’s, housed in a deluxe sleeve.

Captured on two multitrack tapes on a Friday night at the arse end of February 1980, after a blinding 43 shows over 56 days, it showcases the five-piece band at a pivotal moment - just 3 days before they entered Paradise Studio in Sydney's Woolloomooloo to record their breakthrough album East.

Of particular interest to Cold Chisel fans is hearing the 7 East songs in their pre-studio form (Choirgirl had been released as a single in late 1979). Some songs were still coming together, only 3 days prior to the album recordings; parts were still being written and a couple of sections were ad-libbed. Others (Standing On The Outside and Tomorrow) reveal substantially different arrangements to what the band subsequently crafted with East producer Mark Opitz. The whole band is captured in killer form on Live at the Bondi Lifesaver. "I can't believe Steve and Phil's playing" says guitarist Ian Moss referencing the band's bass player Phil Small and their late drummer Steve Prestwich. "They set the whole tone here - we're just trying to keep up. Jimmy is also in incredible form, wailing and nailing everything."


LP 1

  1. Juliet
  2. Tomorrow
  3. The Dummy
  4. Shakin’ All Over
  5. Breakfast At Sweethearts
  6. My Turn To Cry
  7. Best Kept Lies
  8. Standing On The Outside
  9. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
  10. Star Hotel

LP 2

  1. Merry-Go-Round
  2. Four Walls
  3. One Long Day
  4. Shipping Steel
  5. Khe Sanh
  6. The Door
  7. Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)

LP 3

  1. Georgia
  2. Choirgirl
  3. Ita
  4. I’m Gonna Roll Ya
  5. Rosaline
  6. The Nazz Are Blue
  7. Wild Thing