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Cold Chisel

Last Stand (Collector's Edition CD)

Cold Chisel resolved to go out the way they came in — loud. The Last Stand tour began on September 27, 1983 with 28 dates for more than 100,000 fans. The circus culminated in a five-night stand at the Sydney Entertainment Centre – then a venue record. However, after almost two dozen full-on intense gigs, each one played like it would be their last, Jim’s voice began to give. By Adelaide he was coughing blood and so the Sydney shows were postponed. The last two shows were on the 14th and 15th of December 1983 and the break recharged everyone’s batteries. They gave the maximum.

Starting with “Standing on the Outside” they powered through a set of new songs from Twentieth Century and incredible reworkings of classics like “Wild Thing”. There are definitive live versions of classic Chisel tracks too like “Khe Sanh” which is punchier than the original and “Choirgirl” which had a more soulful delivery here than on the hit single. “Cheap Wine” has become an Australian anthem for all young people dreaming of a reckless life. At the end of a breakneck version of “Don’t Let Go”, Cold Chisel departed the stage; bruised but not bowed and with no petrol left in the tank.

  1. Standing On The Outside (Live)
  2. Cheap Wine (Live)
  3. Khe Sanh (Live)
  4. Janelle (Live)
  5. Only One (Live)
  6. Twentieth Century (Live)
  7. Tomorrow (Live)
  8. Rising Sun (Live)
  9. Choirgirl (Live)
  10. You Got Nothing I Want (Live)
  11. Bow River (Live)
  12. Flame Trees (Live)
  13. Star Hotel (Live)
  14. Wild Thing (Live)
  15. Saturday Night (Live)
  16. River Deep Mountain High (Live)
  17. Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye) (Live)
  18. Don't Let Go (Live)
  19. Let's Go Get Stoned (Live)