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Cold Chisel

The Last Wave Of Summer (Collector's Edition CD + DVD)

Includes: CD Remaster of 'The Last Wave of Summer' & Video Bootleg Volume Six: 1998 (DVD)

Fifteen years after they broke up, Cold Chisel got the car off the blocks. The players had solo careers and over 100 new songs were on the long list as the band gathered in rehearsal to sift through. The challenge was how mature men can create exciting rock & roll. With all that water under the bridge and all the expectation on the band, there was a tremendous amount of pressure in the studio. Adding another level of difficulty, the songs were recorded virtually live in the studio with a PA set up in the room and no separation between the instruments.

Nonetheless, The Last Wave Of Summer has some amazing songs. "The Things I Love In You" and "He Can't Believe It's Over With You" are two of Don Walker’s most sensitive love songs. Meanwhile "Pretty Little Thing", "Yakuza Girls" and "This Big Old Car" are terrific classic rock songs – sleazy, funny, nostalgic. Ian Moss gave up "Red Sand" about the stolen generation and as usual, Steve Prestwich brought the melody with the gorgeous "Water Into Wine". If not their best album, The Last Wave of Summer has some brilliant moments and stellar, mature songwriting.


  1. Mr Crown Prosecturo
  2. The Things I Love In You
  3. Baby's On Fire
  4. This Time Round
  5. Bal-A-Versailles
  6. Yakusa Girls
  7. Once Around The Sun
  8. Somewhere in the Silence
  9. By My Side
  10. Water Into Wine
  11. Never Stop Loving You
  12. Red Sand
  13. Angel in my Room
  14. Pretty Little Thing
  15. Someone Caught My Eye
  16. He Can't Believe It's Over
  17. Way Down
  18. This Big Old Car
  19. So Hard
  20. The Last Wave of Summer

Video Bootleg Volume Six: 1998:

  1. Baby's On Fire
  2. Bal-A-Versailles
  3. The Things I Love In You
  4. Yakusa Girls
  5. The Last Wave of Summer