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Cold Chisel

Ringside (3LP Box Set)

Partly inspired by Elvis Presley’s legendary 1968 ‘comeback’ special and more simply by a desire to perform in a smaller, more intimate environment, Ringside captures the iconic Cold Chisel up close and personal. Recorded across 4 shows in June 2003 (and originally released in November 2003), Ringside turns the normal Cold Chisel concert experience on its head. With a rotating stage set in the middle of Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, no member of the audience was more than 30 metres from the band.

Cold Chisel also upended their setlist, playing rarely-heard gems like “Plaza”, “Rosaline”, “Pretty Little Thing” and “F-111”, as well as unveiling three totally new songs - two Steve Prestwich penned and sung tracks, “Lovelight” and “All I Wanna Do” and “Fallen Angel,” written and sung by Don Walker. The album is also unique for its covers – Johnny Cash’s “Big River”, Arthur Hamilton’s torch song “Cry Me A River” and Dragon’s “Sunshine”

“We loved playing those shows,” recalls frontman Jimmy Barnes. “I remember the band had a real swing about it. And it was great mixing up the set list, playing some obscure tracks and covers like ‘Big River’ and ‘Sunshine’.” This is the first time this unique and intimate album has ever been released on vinyl.


1. Home And Broken Hearted
2. The Things I Love In You
3. Rosaline
4. Breakfast At Sweethearts
5. Plaza

6. My Baby
7. Houndog
8. Shipping Steel
9. The Last Wave Of Summer

10. Pretty Little Thing
11. Forever Now
12. Khe Sanh
13. When The War Is Over

14. Cry Me A River
15. Lovelight
16. All I Wanna Do (Steve Vocal)
17. F-111
18. Big River
19. Painted Doll

20. You Got Nothing I Want
21. Rising Sun
22. Flame Trees
23. Bow River

24. Water Into Wine
25. Sunshine
26. Goodbye (Astrid, Goodbye)
27. All I Wanna Do (Jimmy Vocal