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Cold Chisel

The Last Stand (DVD)

Recorded and filmed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre 13th and 15th December 1983.

Originally released for cinema in July 1984, then later on VHS.
Remixed, re-edited with additional footage, re-released on DVD in October 2005.


  1. Standing On The Outside
  2. Cheap Wine
  3. Rising Sun
  4. Janelle
  5. Khe Sanh
  6. Twentieth Century
  7. You Got Nothing I Want
  8. Tomorrow
  9. Star Hotel
  10. Choirgirl
  11. Bow River
  12. Flame Trees
  13. Saturday Night
  14. Wild Thing
  15. Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)
  16. Don’t Let Go


  1. Only One
  2. River Deep Mountain High
  3. Only Make Believe


  1. Build This Love

Please note: The DVD/Blurays are in Region 4, PAL format, make sure you verify that your media player can play PAL formatted DVDS/Blurays. This product will not work on United States and Canadian NTSC-only players.