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Cold Chisel

Twentieth Century (CD)

'Twentieth Century,' Cold Chisel's final studio album (for the next 15 years) was a scorching send-off for a band that in ten years had elevated itself into the national psyche as its best and best-loved act. Although the passion was waning, the songs here carry Chisel's inimitable brand: the searing roughhouse rock of "Hold Me Tight", "Painted Doll", "Twentieth Century" and "Ghost Town," as well as the dull red-light roar of "Saturday Night" and "Flame Trees".


1. Build This Love
2. Twentieth Century
3. Ghost Town
4. Saturday Night
5. Painted Doll
6. No Sense
7. Flame Trees
8. Only One
9. Hold Me Tight
10. Sing To Me
11. The Game
12. Janelle
13. Temptation